No more delivery failure

Delivery failure...missed and failed delivery in the B2C e-commerce industry was estimated at 20% of all turnover in 2011...

I Collect...I Deliver

is a promise we keep to the customer. Think convenience, think reliability whenever you use CDSLogic.

Great vision

“The Retail & ecommerce sector is one of the fastest growing in the United Kingdom accounting for 19% of all retail sales in 2011”.The industry generated £68.2 billion within the 2011 financial year..

Your peace of mind

Convenience brought to you at the click of a button...A tech start-up with a difference giving you a reliable service...

Our promise to you

Delivery is an important part of an ecommerce business to consumer model....At CDSLogic we work with you on the most important journey in an ecommerce delivery... getting it right the first time...

Because we care

Carrying on with work, day and family life, relaxed that with our alternative collection point service, we are fulfilling our promise to you the customers and our clients in mind always...

Welcome to CDSLogic, a parcel delivery fulfilment company.
We bring to you convenience and reliability.
Take a look at our awesome promises and please do get in touch.

Our Services

CDSLogic is a provider of the alternative delivery and collection service to the e-commerce and retail delivery space within the United Kingdom.

What We Do →

CDSLogic offers an intelligently mapped delivery network of “Alternative Collection Points” enabling delivery and fulfillment platforms get the delivery end journey always right at the first attempt.

We pride our service on the fulfillment of the clients’ perspective of what a delivery should be, offering a service that delivers reliability and convenience to the customer.

We understand the importance of delivery as part of a retail or e-commerce business model and this is what CDSLogic brings into the space with its connection of “Alternative Collection Points”...

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Know More

CDSLogic Limited is a new entrant into the collection and delivery space providing service to the fulfillment industry providing alternative delivery and collection services throughout the United Kingdom.

Our vision of solving an issue using community resources to deliver convenience and reliability and provide customers with an unparalleled level of cost-effective service satisfying a need, while creating a consumer brand that is disrupting a consumer market which already exists.

Who We are →